Best Ball Python Tubs For DIY Snake Racks – Benjamin's Exotics

In today’s video we take a look at some of the Best Ball Python Tubs For DIY Snake Racks. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe, and as always, Enjoy!
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26 thoughts on “Best Ball Python Tubs For DIY Snake Racks – Benjamin's Exotics
  1. I use a Hefty 63qt hi-rise Underbed clear storage box (that’s the exact name if you look it up) and the dimensions are 36.04 inches(L) 7.8 inches(H) 16.8 inches(W) and I have a 1700g female ball python in it right doing good

  2. When you say 28 quart, for example, I assume you're referring to it being 28 1/4 diameter from corner to corner right?

    (not an American so I had to check with the comments as to what you were saying haha)

  3. Hell no. No animal should be trapped in a small shitty tub. I also keep snakes but they need way more room than what you give them in those shoe boxes. My male BP´s have 1500mmx800mmx800mm and I wouldn't go for less than that. Don't hoard more animals than you can care properly for.

  4. Nice video dude.
    Maybe this will help someone — when I kept ball pythons in those 41 qt sterilite tubs, my security solution was luggage straps! You can use one or two per tub, across the middle (perpendicular to the length). Super easy, not terribly expensive, never had any issues with escape

  5. I was worried about my tubs lips being too open as well. I was using large butterfly paper clips on each side to hold it on and that worked very well. Although now we find that our timid snake cant actually get through that lip because his head wont fit through without using excessive force, but I think a more tenacious snake might try to get out with success. Thanks for the informational vid!

  6. Would you trust that exact 28 quart with just the 2 clamps to hold a large full size 2000g + adult without worrying about escape? Not worried about needing hides because i found them in solid black. Im thinking a large adult should be fine as it wont need any hides to take up space being in a solid black tub

  7. You just saved my life bro lol got a 2000 gram female coming in from a friend and my rack is full so was going to get her a big temp latch tub but completely forgot about the big space that appears because of the length so I'll get her a smaller one for now till I finish building a new rack

  8. Hello. I have my ball pythons in the 16 quart sterilite tubs. They have a smell to them that I've noticed….. idk . Anyway I have 2 hides there and becauze of the 2 hides there looks like there isnt much room in there for them. I feel bad. What can I do? Are they ok.. am I just overreacting, or should I paint the outside to a dark color and remove the hides… or are there some good tubs out there that are black or gray that have a locking lid? I've been looking and it's really hard to find something what I'm looking for.

  9. Cool video. I use 32's for everything but hatchlings and my huge breeder females. For those i use freedom breeder 40's and 70's but still in homemade racks and for the hatchlings I use the freedom breeder hatchling tubs.

  10. Really cool video. I'm thinking and I'm in the planning stages of getting a rack to keep multiple ball pythons, as pets only. No plans for breeding (yet). But this gives me an idea of what to look for.

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