Beginner PHP Tutorial – 10 – print

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34 thoughts on “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 10 – print
  1. sloppy explanation, the main difference between the echo and print is that with echo you can output multiple strings, while with print you're unable. ex echo 'Hello', ' ', 'World', '!'; with print you have to concatanate your strings
    a second difference is that print has a return value

  2. after following him and other tutorials, I learned that "print" keyword allows only one value or argument to be shown. Unlike in echo, it allows multiple value in a single echoing.

  3. Actually return value of print = 1. Return value of echo = null. Not too important if you're just starting to learn php, but can be important later on.

  4. print is a little slower than echo, however echo has a void return type, where as print has a return type of 1 and echo can output more than one string, sepperated by commas
    echo "hello", "world";
    and you can use print as
    if (print "lol") { do stuff }

  5. I find his accent very clear compared to some other English accents. Rural English accents tend to be a lot more difficult to understand. If I had to guess I would say he's from a more populated locale.

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