Add Google Maps Activity to Android Q Kotlin project

In this video, I show how to add Google Maps to an existing project.
1) I add a Google Maps Kotlin activity.
2) I get a Maps API key and add it to google_maps_api.xml
3) I start the Maps Activity with an explicit intent.
4) I add Marker points by re-using Firebase logic that I have in another service.
5) I show the application in the debugger.

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One thought on “Add Google Maps Activity to Android Q Kotlin project
  1. I honestly adore your vids (might seem partially "older", but the code and video as a whole is pretty straight forward) and using them to become better at Kotlin. Currently coding my own game with it.

    Keep it up🐣

    Would be cool to also see how it's done using SVG and/or make it all customizable in a way (for my own game😝)

    Greetings from Germany✌🏻

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