12: What are Functions in PHP | Procedural PHP Tutorial For Beginners | PHP Tutorial | mmtuts

In this PHP tutorial video I will teach you about PHP functions. I will talk about both internal (built-in) and user defined functions.

00:00 Two different types of functions
00:59 How to use a function
02:29 Internal functions (built-in)
06:27 User defined functions (custom functions)


First of all, thank you for all the support you have given me!

I am really glad to have such an awesome community on my channel. It motivates me to continue…

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31 thoughts on “12: What are Functions in PHP | Procedural PHP Tutorial For Beginners | PHP Tutorial | mmtuts
  1. Thanks for the info, i feel like this whole thing I should have just skipped because I know JS and React, still good though hahaha. I wonder if the OOP course will be the same.

  2. Thank you again for your tutorial! They are the best out here on YouTube.
    Just a sidenote: At @5:00 I guess instead of $greeting you meant to put in $a to be repeated three times. 🙂

  3. Hi Dani! Great video! thanks x
    Please could you show how to use 'email' from one table (eg. confirm_email) and display it as read only in another form and post in a new table with a new password (reset password)?

  4. This guy is doing great work. All the php tutorials video are very understanding. It’s inspired me alot by seeing this Even I uploaded some php solution video visit and subscribe to my channel. I suggest to all my friend if need to learn php this the right place.

  5. Can I ask you a question sir. How can I prevent getting data breach alert message on my web app. I've added encryption function but I still getting this message from chrome

  6. Great video as always.
    One comment, it's "Built in" rather than "build in". The "t" in Built makes it past tense, as in already built and is pronounced strong enough to be discerned whereas the d in build can be softer.
    Build in suggests you have to build it in.

    After watching it through, I see you do say built in the text and above in the info.
    I'm not criticising, just a friendly observation.

  7. @dani krossing I need your help I made a login systems where I have problem is on my home page I used while loop through the usernames in my database where I now have the problem is I want to be able to click on a particular username and all he or her details will show for the current user login to be able chat with the other user

  8. Dan!!!!! I just feel like you're so underrated when it comes to these types of contents and I wanna thank you so much for everything that you've actually taught me. I just wanna point out about Brad Traversy or Traversy Media who is kind of in a rough spot when it comes to his health and he feels like his channel should just be a beacon for other youtubers who create these types of contents. I just feel like you should try and talk to him mate. You are just so underrated!!!!!!!

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